Top 5 most shocking UFO encounters from South Africa

Although South Africa certainly has a long-time, rich and fascinating story, it also has an equally extensive collection of encounters with UFOs and aliens who rival almost anywhere in the world. Moreover, these observations seem to have grown steadily since the early 1970s.

While some are more credible than others, as is the case around the world, they are all compelling. And many of them share the details with other UFO observations, not only separated by distance but, in some cases, by time. Below are the most compelling UFO reports from an equally exciting country of South Africa.

1. Spaceship In Heart Shape Above Pretoria

Spaceship In Heart Shape Above Pretoria
Photo illustraton – 1. Spaceship In Heart Shape

At the end of July 2010, two nights in a row, several residents of the Bouazens district of Pretoria witnessed strange lights hanging in the sky above them for several hours in a row. One witness, Angela van der Spuy, testified both observations and told the media that she “could not see the shape of the object because the three lights were too bright”, but that it appeared to be heart-shaped.

The UFO lights were of a variety of colors, including orange, pink, blue, and emerald green. In contrast, the “great white light” on the bottom side of the object shone straight down to Earth. A neighbor of van der junction tried to look at the ship through binoculars. Still, like Engel, he claimed that the lights were too bright to distinguish any details, but the object “had a very specific shape”.

Each time the object hung in the air motionless for more than two hours, and then quietly moved away from the city, disappearing beyond the horizon. Even the time of its appearance and departure was the same every evening. The object will arrive at around 6:30 pm and leave the area a little later than 8:30 pm.

By the way, authorities have contacted both the South African Air Force and the Johannesburg Planetarium to shed some light on strange observations. However, none of them could offer any supporting data or explanations.

2. Radar confirms the presence of UFO

Radar confirms the presence of UFO

Another report of a strange glowing ship over Pretoria was received on August 28, 1996. In this case, the radar operators in Johannesburg will also confirm the anomaly. The first observation was made by a police officer, Sergeant Johann Becker, who stated that he had seen “a light floating in the air” over Adrian Wlock’s police station. On closer examination with a colleague, they realized that they were looking at “something from another world. According to Becker’s descriptions, the object was clearly disc-shaped, with a “red triangle light” that glowed slightly.

The object remained above his head for about 90 minutes, during which Becker allowed the police helicopter to take off and investigate. The pilot was Fred Viljoen. He told reporters after the incident that at first, he thought it was all a joke. Still, when he approached the glowing disc, he realized that “it was something he had never experienced before”.

The ship suddenly moved from the scene when the helicopter approached. Although Vijoen would try to chase it, the object was too fast, and the aircraft, despite its full speed, tried his best to keep up. In the end, they had to return to the base because of the low fuel level.

3. Orange Lights in 2011

Orange Lights in 2011
Orange Lights in 2011

Although most of these came in May, most of 2011 were subject to observations of strange orange lights throughout South Africa. For example, one report from Tyreport referred to 20 orange lights running through the sky. Another resident of Tyreport, Charlotte Hornbeam, claimed to have seen a group of seven orange lights running over her head.

Krugersdorp resident Bernadette Opperman reported that a lone orange light flew over the city on the evening of May 21. Several reports from the Warrenton area described orange lights flying through the sky and into what seemed like a massive mothership.

According to some explanations, the orange lights were nothing more than meteor rains. While UFO researchers recognized that this explained a large part of the observations very well, other reports suggested that detailed strange movements were not at all consistent with how meteors or comets behaved. The wave of observations is still collectively unexplained.

4. The kidnapping of Peter and Francis McNorman

The kidnapping of Peter and Francis McNorman

In May 1974, Peter and Francis McNorman, a married couple, set out on their way back from Salesbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe) to the Beit Bridge on the border with South Africa, driving all night, with part of the road winding and rugged.

It was around 2.30am when Francis noticed a strange light behind them. She reported it to her husband, who had seen it too. He began to approach and soon leveled with them on the left and moved along for a while. Peter, suddenly realizing that he was driving at over 145 kilometers per hour (90 miles per hour), took his foot off the accelerator. However, the car kept moving at the same speed. He pressed the brake, but nothing happened. He had no control over the vehicle.

The next moment, they were already approaching the South African border. After checking their data, they noticed that the clock at the border was 8:30 in the morning. Everyone looked at the car’s watch as well as at their own watch, which clearly showed 7:30 in the morning. Apart from this apparent “missed hour”, no one had clear memories of their way home, and the little they could remember was driving on a long straight road. (Remember that the route was full of winding roads.) Even stranger was the fact that their car still had a full tank of gas despite their seemingly 320+km journey. But the strangest thing was four brand-new tires that nobody remembered buying or fitting.

In the end, Peter will undergo hypnotic regression, and these revelations will be as intriguing as they are bizarre. Shortly after the light appeared, the big-headed alien “shone” in the back seat of the car. The car hit a strange tractor beam, was lifted from the ground, and landed inside a giant ship upstairs. Peter was taken to the infirmary, where he was examined for several minutes. Even stranger was the fact that he claimed to have seen his wife and other people on board, though they seemed to be in a trance. By the way, he noticed his car parked between two smaller discs with four aliens repairing the engine.

5. The incident in Rosmead Junior School

The incident in Rosmead Junior School

On the evening of November 12, 1972, while driving along a quiet road in the equally quiet and small city of Rosmead, Harold Truter noticed a strange green glow over the tennis courts of Rosmead High School, of which he was the director. He headed for the complex and stopped the car at the school gate.

He risked entering the park on foot. The glowing lights were still visible, but there was a thick, unusual silence around him. Truther, at least, expected to hear some engine noise cutting through the night air. But he began to catch the smell of “burning oil,” which was getting stronger as he approached the tennis courts.

When he looked over the net fence, the green light was a little dimmed, and he was shocked to see the asphalt cracked and burned. There was even a “puddle of molten tar” in which moonlight was reflected. Some strange holes can be seen, as if something heavy was lying on the asphalt when it was slightly settled, after melting.

Truther will contact the local police, who will come to collect the official report and the principal’s statement. There was never any explanation from the police, but they told Truther, accepting his statement that evening. Rosmead residents reported several other UFO sightings.

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