Touching photo of US firefighter reading a book to a rescued girl goes viral

A US firefighter is currently stealing the hearts of countless people on social media worldwide. A photo, which is currently going viral, shows the firefighter reading a book to a girl on the sidewalk. “This is the sweetest thing ever,” the photographer wrote on Facebook.

The photo was taken on Wednesday, September 29, during an emergency response from Billings, Montana. They were on the scene for a car accident. The girl was in the car and luckily survived the accident.

To keep the girl occupied while his colleagues cleared the scene, firefighter Ryan Benton read the girl a book and gave her a candy bag. “He sat there on the sidewalk with her for a while. It was heartwarming to see,” said photographer Allie Schmalz.

On Thursday, September 30, the Billings fire brigade shared the photo on their own Instagram account with the words: “It’s the little things”. Benton himself did not want to comment in the media. “He doesn’t want to be in the spotlight because he thinks he was just doing his job,” a colleague Cameron Abell told a local news station.

Instagram post from Billingsfirefighters. ©Instagram/@Billingsfirefighters

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