Trump caused a fuss with a picture of 9/11: “Why do you lie about everything?”.

US President Donald Trump has caused a stir on Twitter. Trump tweeted a picture of the commemorative moment of 9/11 in the White House, but attentive twitter users immediately noticed something strange. On the photo are two employees of the White House who have not been working for the American president for months.

The photo was made last year during the commemoration of nine eleven, but because of the caption that Trump placed with the tweet, it looks like it’s a recent photo. “Depart now from Washington DC to attend the memorial service of Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania”.

“Pathological liar”
The tweet was wrong in many twitter users. “This photo was not made today. Why do you lie about everything?” Or “It is bleak and cloudy in DC, you liar”, are some of the reactions. Another twitter user went even further and called Trump a “Pathological liar.” And that reaction was immediately supported: “For someone who has so much experience with lying, you should know better”.

A commemoration moment was organized yesterday at the White House itself, but only staff members were present. President Trump and his wife Melania were already on their way to Pennsylvania at that time. There was a ceremony planned for the victims of Flight 93, the only 9/11 attack that ‘failed’.

Source: Daily mail

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