Trump explains why he does not fear his impeachment

Donald Trump has swept many topics in an interview he gave on Tuesday to Reuters. Among other things, he admitted that he was not afraid of a possible dismissal. Because he had “done nothing wrong”. And that his payments to women before the 2016 elections did not violate the laws on the financing of his presidential campaign.

Donald Trump assured in an interview on Tuesday to Reuters in the Oval Office of the White House not to fear being dismissed. According to him, the payments made before the presidential election by his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, in order to silence two women who said they had an affair with him, do not violate the laws on campaign financing.

Not Worried 

“It is difficult to dismiss someone who did nothing wrong. And created the greatest economy in the history of our country,” he said. “I’m not worried. I think people would revolt. If it happened.”

While the Democrats said Trump could face “impeachment” proceedings if the deals were found to violate the campaign finance laws, Trump said the payments did not constitute “an impeachment”. campaign donation and that he was counting on Mr. Cohen who had to “know what to do.

“Michael Cohen is a lawyer. He’s supposed to know what to do,” said the US President

He also added that “if it is, it is only civil, and even then, we have not committed a violation.”


Michael Cohen had previously pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws. He admitted that he was a mediator in the payments that Trump had made for pornographic actress Stormy Daniels (whose real name was Steffani Clifford) to buy her silence. In addition, Mr. Cohen pleaded guilty to tax evasion. Next week, a conviction would be pronounced against Mr. Cohen in New York.

Elected Democrats on Sunday cautiously discussed the possibility of impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, suspected by a New York prosecutor to have been directly involved in illegal acts during the 2016 campaign.


Yet, in American history, only two Presidents found themselves in the process of impeachment: Andrew Johnson in the nineteenth century, and Bill Clinton. None resulted in an impeachment.

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