Trump on wind energy: “You want to see a bird graveyard? Go under a windmill”

American president Donald Trump has again emphasized that according to him, windmills are of no use. In a speech at a conservative youth organization, he called himself an expert in the field of wind energy. “You know, I know windmills very much” and “I have studied it better than anybody.”

“They are making a noise,” he continued. “They kill birds. You want to see a bird graveyard?” Trump asked. “Then go under a windmill someday.” There you will see more birds than you have never seen in your life,” said Trump during a speech at the Turning Point USA organization.

“They are made in China and Germany mostly,” Trump also said about windmills. “Tremendous fumes and gases are spewing into the atmosphere. You know we have a world, right? The world is therefore small compared to the universe. So great, lots of fumes and everything.”

“No wind, no television”

Trump often states that windmills are ‘a bird graveyard’, despite various objections from the US Department of Energy that states that windmills rarely kill birds. If you like birds, then you never want to walk under a windmill because it is regrettable to see, Trump explains nonetheless.

Earlier, Trump criticized windmills because the wind is not always blowing. “If there is no wind, you can forget to watch television that evening,” Trump sounds. “Honey, I want to watch television. Sorry! The wind is not blowing.”

Earlier this year, Trump claimed that the sound of windmills caused cancer. There is no scientific evidence for a link between the sound of windmills and cancer.

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