Trump suffers from worsening psychological disorders, says his niece

Since his childhood, Donald Trump has suffered from psychological problems that worsen with time, said his niece Mary, a psychologist by profession, to Europe 1. She accused her uncle’s parents of being the cause of his condition and considered it dangerous for her country.

The outgoing American President is suffering from “psychological disorders”, said his niece Mary Trump, a psychologist by profession, to Europe 1 on December 1st.

According to her, Donald Trump’s mental health problems stem from his childhood: “I hold my grandparents directly responsible for his condition”, said the psychologist and author of the book “Too much and never enough: how my family created the most dangerous man in the world”.

“It’s not the fault of my aunts and uncles, who grew up in the same neurotic and cruel household as Donald. I think they could have done more as adults to alert Americans to their brother. But they chose to keep quiet,” she added.

His condition is deteriorating

As his condition “has never been treated”, Mary Trump suggested that it will only get worse: “The further it goes, the worse it gets”. On top of that, he is currently facing “stress he has never experienced before”:

“For the first time in his life, he has to face a defeat against which he can do nothing, try nothing, and honestly, it scares him a lot,” she continued.

Taking into account his psychological state, she insisted that he should not have taken on the role of head of state: “I have long believed that he is not only unsuitable for this job, but that he is also dangerous for our country”.

This is why she was not enthusiastic about Donald Trump’s possible participation in the presidential election of 2024, a possibility he had been mentioned by himself.

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