Trump: “Women were paid to make up stories about me”

Donald Trump has claimed that several women have “received a lot of money” to “make up stories” about him.

He made the statements at a press conference the moment he defended his candidate judge before the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, against allegations of sexual abuse. About the allegations by three women to Kavanaugh, the American president said: “When I look at it, I see it differently… It happened to me so often. I have often been falsely accused.”

“Whether it does something to me? Absolutely, because I’ve often seen it”, Trump stated in response to the allegations concerning Kavanaugh.

“I believe it was four women… who got a lot of money to make up stories about me,” the president said.

In reality, more than 12 people have accused Trump of sexual misconduct. The president has denied all accusations.

Meanwhile, a third woman has officially accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual abuse. Julie Swetnick said yesterday that the man was sexually transgressive in his high school time. He would have participated in attempts to get girls intoxicated and then abuse them.


Trump wants to wait for the hearings of Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford one of the women who has made the accusations in the justice committee of the US Senate.

The American leader wants to hear what the woman has to say that accuses Kavanaugh. He cannot yet judge whether her statements are credible. Nevertheless, he hopes that the appointment of Kavanaugh as Supreme Court judge can be confirmed, because according to Trump he is exceptionally intelligent. The president appointed Kavanaugh in July for the vacancy of judge at the Supreme Court.

Source: The Independent

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