Mayor refuses marriage between Tunisian and non-Muslim

The mayor of the Kram, the Islamist lawyer Fathi Laayouni, announced at a press conference held on Thursday, August 16, 2018, his decision to ban in his town hall the marriage of a Tunisian with a non-Muslim.

To do accept the marriage, “the man must prove, with documents, his conversion to Islam,” in the application of Articles 1 and 6 of the Constitution and Article 5 of the Personal Status Code (CSP)” writes on Tunisian website BusinessNews

“On September 8, 2017, Justice Minister Ghazi Jeribi signed a circular canceling the famous circular number 216 of November 5, 1973, prohibiting Tunisian women from marrying non-Muslims.”

“Unfortunately, the non-application of this circular has provoked the reluctance of some mayors and bailiffs and continues to do so today” still continues Business News

According to BusinessNews, since early August 2018, “bailiffs refused to marry a Tunisian woman from Hammamet with a non-Muslim. The woman had contacted three bailiffs in her area to finalize the procedures for her marriage, but none of them accepted her request.”

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