Twitter removes over 170,000 accounts that spread fake news and support Chinese regime

The social networking site Twitter has deleted more than 170,000 accounts because it claims they were connected to an operation to distribute pro-Chinese messages. More than 1,000 Russian fake accounts were also removed.

According to Twitter, a network of 23,750 highly active accounts was deleted, along with some 150,000 accounts that supported the network.

“In general, this network was involved in a series of manipulative and coordinated activities,” it sounds to Twitter.

“The accounts were mainly spreading messages in Chinese and geopolitical narratives favorable to the Chinese Communist Party.”

Twitter was not set up with the accounts and, by deleting the profiles, wants to prevent the spread of incorrect or manipulated information.

Russian fake accounts

In addition to the Chinese accounts, a thousand Russian fake accounts were also removed. “It concerns a total of 1,152 Russian accounts that supported the political party United Russia, Russia’s largest party, and attacked other political parties and individuals in Russia,” Twitter said.

Twitter has been fighting fake news reports for some time. Last week, the social network site accused US President Donald Trump of spreading false information.

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