Two bills to speed up elections in Algeria

The Algerian Minister of Justice presented on Wednesday to Parliament two bills to accelerate the organization of the next presidential election. The first project envisages the creation of an independent authority in charge of elections and the second concerns the reform of the electoral process.

The current electoral code is criticized by the opposition, which believes that it gives the administration broad prerogatives during elections. The new electoral structure will have the mission of organizing, monitoring the electoral process and supervising all its stages, from the conference of the electorate to the announcement of the preliminary results without the government becoming involved.

The texts submitted to parliament also provide for the transfer of all the prerogatives of public authorities in electoral matters to the independent body in charge of elections. In these projects, only justice retains its role in validating the results of the ballot.

Both projects were submitted less than a week after the army chief of staff, General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, demanded that the presidential election decree be issued no later than 15 September. This will allow, he says, the presidential election to be held before the end of the year.

General Ahmed Gaïd Salah refuses any other way out of the crisis than a presidential election. On Wednesday, he said he was “absolutely certain” that the presidential election will be held within the set deadlines. For the moment, the date of this election is not yet known.

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