Two people arrested in Sicily for lighting fires

The Sicilian police arrested two men on Monday who were caught in the act of setting forest fires on the island. The police said in a statement on Tuesday.

The duo, aged 80 and 25, are said to have started a fire in the Nebrodi Mountains, an area of Sicily that is partly a national park. Police said they had arrested another person for the same crime a few days earlier.

People who deliberately set fires have been blamed for many of the wildfires that ravage Italy’s Adriatic coast and many of its islands.

Emergency services are currently extinguishing fires in 1,130 places in the country.

Fire-fighting aircraft have been deployed in the Calabria region in the extreme south of Italy. The fires in Sicily, Sardinia, and on the Adriatic coast have reached areas popular with holidaymakers. In some places, beaches are also threatened.

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