UFO wave & “alien copper plate”: strange events that happened in Canada

In 1967, in the city of Edmonton, a series of strange events alerted the population. In the early hours of May 8, a wave of UFOs was seen in the sky. The strangest thing is that a mysterious alien copper plate was left as evidence after that.

At 2 am in 1967, a 14-year-old boy saw a spaceship while walking through Mount Pleasant Cemetery. The child described it as a spherical object with red and green lights that rotated above and below. A beam of white light came from below, like some kind of reconnaissance searchlight. The eyewitness immediately called a friend, as a result, they both watched the UFO through binoculars.

The unidentified flying object ranged from 60 to 90 meters and emitted a muffled whistle while moving. All of a sudden, it threw some kind of rectangular-shaped light about 15 centimeters from the Earth.

This light seemed to warm the surface. When the friends came out of the tree to get a better view of what was happening, the light disappeared. But the noise, similar to aircraft engines, spread everywhere. When inspecting the area, they found black stripes of a rectangular shape, which also made it possible to sketch a UFO.

2 days later, a middle-aged couple living nearby also witnessed an object identical to the one the boys had seen. 10 days later, a 29-year-old school concierge claimed to have seen a whitish oval object above the cemetery. So, many other witnesses began to report the presence of these objects, which attracted a lot of media attention to the wave of UFOs.

Mysterious Copper Plate

On November 4, 1967, an Italian immigrant came home from dinner with his friends. From his window in the evening, he suddenly saw a bright red light pierce the sky over the Saskatchewan River, not far from the Riverside Municipal Miniature Golf Course.

The object approached the ground and stopped, and the man thought it was an airplane, but he quickly realized that it was not. Curiosity made him take a closer look at the UFO, after which the eyewitness noticed that this object was round and had a bright pulsating, almost blinding red light.

The light suddenly went out, and a series of blue rings began to radiate to the ground until the red light flared up again. Another fainter one appeared below and descended until it touched the ground. It seemed to be another small ship. It flew over the golf course humming until it landed, only to “join” a larger alien ship and disappear.

Curious, the man went to the place he saw the object, and there, next to some strange holes, there was a large area of crushed grass almost 5 meters wide. Looking around carefully, he noticed that something flashed nearby. When the eyewitness approached, he noticed that it was a round metal plate. It appeared to be made of copper and measured 17.3 cm wide and 12.5 cm high.

It had engravings that looked like hieroglyphs that the man could not decipher. He picked up the find and found that it barely measured 1mm thick.

Where the Plate disappeared

Thinking that no one would believe him, the man decided to keep the tablet at home without telling anyone about it. When he returned to Italy 6 years later, he took the artifact with him. He does not know how, but it became known that he had this strange item, so he was contacted by a magazine dedicated to unsolved mysteries called Il Giornale dei Misteri.

UFO researcher Daniela Giordano interviewed an eyewitness. According to him, it was like a lucky amulet for him. However, he was not a person very interested in UFOs or related things.

The image on the tablet is the only evidence of a strange event. It is noteworthy that attempts were made to make the find public, which was unsuccessful. The report said, “there was no object with such characteristics.”

This mysterious UFO wave and the alien copper plate incident is one of the strangest events in Canadian history. No one knows what happened to the object, and everything seems to indicate that the mystery will remain unsolved.

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