When did intelligent beings and the first cultural societies appear?

As long as there is a civilization such as the one we live in today, there will always be the issue of when intelligent humans and the first cultured communities first appeared on the earth.

In spite of the fact that official science continues to persuade people that sensible people are one-of-a-kind and that the earliest rudiments of civilization emerged around five thousand years ago, strong reasons opposing these propositions are rapidly arising. Even with all of man’s present knowledge and technology, the obvious artifacts that were uncovered suggest that the living creatures who existed before us had a substantial advantage. The question is, who were they, and why did they vanish?

According to many urban legends, we are supposedly the sixth species of sentient creatures to ever inhabit this planet. People that came before us include the Hyperboreans, the Lemurians, the people who lived in the nation of Mu, and the Atlanteans. Each succeeding people is a follower of the one that came before it, and the Atlanteans already lived in parallel with humanity before the time of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, who even mentions them in his writings.

All of these countries existed independently in their own country, which included a whole continent, but as a consequence of various world calamities, a portion of the population perished, and the survivors established a new civilization on a different continent.

The country of Atlantis came to an end along with its existence as a direct consequence of the most catastrophic deluge in history, which the Bible describes as being global in scope. According to the tale, the peninsula that formerly held Atlantis was submerged beneath the water in a matter of only a few short hours. After migrating to the land that is now known as Africa, those who were fortunate enough to have made it through the ordeal alive eventually were assimilated into the human population.

Not only pyramids and frescoes have been uncovered by archaeologists during excavations carried out in the region that comprises modern-day Egypt, but also the territory of Indonesia and the continent of mainland South America. Their attention is drawn to a number of discoveries, which include both commonplace household objects and things that are not quite what they seem to be, such as airplanes, in addition to proof that the prativilizations held some kind of key to limitless energy supply. Because the aircraft was able to take off after being put in a wind tunnel, we were able to discover a scaled-down version of it that was built in accordance with all of the principles of aerodynamics.

According to the experts, however, this relic was taken by succeeding civilizations, which resulted in those societies losing a major portion of their strength and knowledge. It should come as no surprise that such individuals traveled across ancient Egypt. In the course of researching the historical documents of this kingdom, historians came across a description of an airplane that the gods had given to the Pharaohs as a gift. There are grounds to assume that this is the case. It is said that when the king of the state moved on it, he became even closer to the heavenly domain, which boosted the respect that his subordinates had for him.

The same cultures who really created the framework for society on this planet were equipped with far more sophisticated technology, which is not unexpected given that their forefathers arrived on this world from a distant galaxy. The fact that they were able to travel about in space without encountering any obstacles is evidence that they are in possession of the necessary technology, however, it is unknown for what reason exactly they were doing so.

The story of how the gods brought life and beauty to a lifeless planet is told in the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata, which was originally written in Sanskrit and has since been translated into other languages. It’s almost certain that this particular second marks the arrival of an extraterrestrial civilization that established the groundwork for life on our planet. It is widely held that the earliest signs of life emerged in the land that is now known as Turkey, and when researchers started to dig there, they found that these beliefs were confirmed to be accurate.

It was possible to find enormous subterranean constructions that, rather than being composed of crude clay bricks as is often the case, were lined with stone blocks that had been carved with decorative designs. The blocks were connected to one another without the use of connecting mortar, and instead, a spike and a groove were carved out of each one for the purpose of increasing the stability of the components.

This kind of connection is employed extensively in the building of wooden structures and the connection of cladding elements in modern times, but it does not in any way carry the weight of substantial stone components. Even with today’s advanced technology, it is impossible to carve such intricate designs into a solid block of stone without highly accurate and sophisticated tools. However, it seems that someone on earth used these same tools over 500,000 years ago.

The energy system that the ancients created to generate energy for their requirements, including their machines, is of great interest to the scholars who studied ancient civilizations. Many people have speculated in the past that the pyramids that can be found in every region of the world served an entirely different purpose, but it wasn’t until recently that it became possible to obtain definitive confirmation of this theory. These are a kind of generator that formed a force field out of the cosmic energy that was entering the system.

If you believe the historical accounts, there was an energy crystal at the very top of each of these structures. This crystal is the primary component that enables you to continually receive energy in any quantity. It is possible that there is a force field that is expanding throughout the atmosphere of the planet because of the distribution of the pyramids throughout the whole planet. Therefore, in order to provide the necessary power coverage for the ships to travel, some of the structures fulfilled the role of generators, while others only served as relays for the energy.

It was this energy that was utilized to activate strong weaponry, which not only helped to guard against possible adversaries but also served other purposes. An ancient civilization erected a super-powerful laser that was used to strike cosmic bodies that posed a threat to the planet’s continued existence. However, as subsequent history reveals, even this device was not able to stop a particular cosmic body from crashing to the surface of the planet, which resulted in a global catastrophe and may have led to the extinction of dinosaurs.

Scientists have a tough time determining when precisely the collision took place and during the life of which of the races it happened. This is because it is conceivable that information about the control of the gadget had been lost by that time, or possibly it did not exist at all.

The scholars are also interested in learning the reason for the disappearance of the energy crystals that were put on the summits of the pyramids. These were not stones in the traditional sense when a human would often stand in for a crystal. According to the calculations of industry professionals, it is impossible for a solid structure to achieve the conversion of a considerable energy force since doing so would result in cracking and the loss of quality.

Crystals were most likely some type of amorphous structure, with a tough glassy shell on the exterior and an amorphous material on the inner of the crystals. Because it assisted in the process of natural cooling, a device of this kind made it possible to withstand any loads, which was of particular significance given the circumstances of the tropical environment that prevailed on the globe at that time.

Electronics professionals are certain that the foundation of the crystal was some form of semiconductor, and that the structure of the crystal itself operated in a manner similar to that of a powerful processor, which is the component at the center of a computer system. It is not difficult to compute that there were quite a number of crystals, and then all of a sudden, they vanished in an unknown direction. This is because there are new pyramids found on the earth every year that are older than several thousand years. When the history of modern humanity is carefully examined, it becomes obvious that the so-called philosopher’s stone, which was sought after by alchemists in the Middle Ages, is nothing more than an energy crystal. This realization comes about as a result of the careful examination of the history of modern humanity.

The usage of cosmic energy, or ether in a more general sense, was once something that only Nikola Tesla was capable of translating into practical terms. Tesla, however, took this secret to his grave with him. Therefore, the potential that is ascribed to the philosopher’s stone to modify metals, converting them into gold or any other metal, does not seem to be as incredible as they formerly were. It is highly conceivable that those crystals that were left untouched after the calamity were destroyed or concealed by representatives of the old country, but some must have also been able to hide behind the layers of dirt. When the same Egyptian pyramids in Giza initially started to be dug, no one knew precisely what was carried out by the first archaeologists. However, towards the end of the nineteenth century, there was no question of any stringent monitoring of the export of jewels.

There is a good chance that throughout the Middle Ages, a number of crystals were discovered and eventually made their way into the possession of Masonic lodges or organizations such as the Templar. At the very least, the fact that any King of Europe or the Roman pope may be envious of the material well-being of this institution is indicative of the great chance that this is the case. Because the Templars did not take an active role in any of the military conflicts, there was no place for them to receive money from. Despite this, the order operated on a massive scale, much to the resentment of the most powerful people in the land.

It came as a surprise to everyone when the leaders of the group were taken into custody that there were no valuables and that there was nothing that could be taken away. In point of fact, there is nothing remarkable to be found here since the Templars did not need the creation of some kind of mythical gold reserve in order to keep it while they were in the presence of an energy crystal from ancient civilizations. Because it is far simpler to remove the crystal than it is to remove the tons of heavy metal, it was never impossible to get the necessary quantity while at the same time remaining untethered to the storage facility.

This theory is backed further by the fact that throughout the search, only labs containing remnants of experiments were discovered in any of the order’s departments, regardless of where the search took place. It is generally accepted that following the Templars, the crystals were acquired by the Jesuit Order. This is on account of the fact that the Jesuit Order started to aggressively expand its sphere of influence about the same time, and doing so without large cash was obviously impossible. In the years that followed, the highest levels of Nazi Germany were also interested in locating the Philosopher’s stone. As a result, every archive was thoroughly researched in an attempt to pinpoint the precise position of the stone’s crystals. Because whole compositions of the Nazi plunder have not been uncovered up to this point, it is very plausible that they were discovered after all. Furthermore, who knows, maybe there is also something kept there that might offer mankind access to wholly new technology.

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