Uganda: Silent nightclubs are emerging (video)

In Uganda, a rather curious phenomenon already experienced in some countries of Europe, is the buzz. These are silent night clubs.

The principle of these silent nightclubs is simpler than it appears. Several DJs animate in different moods. Wireless headsets are then distributed to allow partygoers to access various playlists. Guests can dance in a crazy atmosphere but in silence.

There are about 10 silent discotheques in Kampala itself and the number is expected to grow.

According to Afrikmag, the boss of these nightclubs stated that “We started with 150 helmets. We had to get more, so we had 300 more, then 30, it became very little, then we had 500, which became fair. Now we have 800 helmets.”

“In fact, this business works because, in a way, people have a good time because of one thing: you have a close and personal relationship with the source from which the music you listen comes from. Scientifically, if you speak in biological terms, when you have music in your brain, it acts on the whole system at once and you cannot fail to have fun, that’s the beauty of the box silent night”

And to add: “It gives you of course a certain level of feeling of loneliness, but it is a false feeling because I see the artist playing for me.”

Quiet nightclub enthusiasts claim that the headset can help reduce the number of night-time noise complaints in residential areas, but also allows users to stop the music for a minute to talk or answer a call.

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