Uganda: student bags 2 years in prison for loving MP

A Ugandan student was sentenced to two years in prison for confessing to “love” Kabalore MP Sylvia Rwabwoogo, who is not yet married.

Brian Isiko, a 25-year-old YMCA student from Jinja, has been found guilty of cybercrime and offensive communication.

He confessed to having called her and sent her text messages stating the obsessed love to the MP that he had never seen physically.

Miss Rwabwoogo told the court that she began to receive calls admitting the love of a stranger. She said that everything started around November 2017, which made her think that someone intended to hurt her.

She thought that calls and text messages were a trap set by her tormentors. “One of his texts that provoked my fears read:” I love you so much and I want to protect you.”

“My love is for you alone and as nobody cares for you, I will do it. I realized that you are in deep trouble.”

Miss Rwabwoogo said she received many calls and more than 10 messages adding that at one point her stalker sent a text saying he had not slept at night because he was thinking about her.

The member said that she set an appointment to meet the harasser on June 11, 2018, after the police assigned a guard. Moments later, her guard stopped him.

Rwabwoogo added that what is still intriguing is that even when Isiko was in custody, she continued to receive messages of love from her phone. She said that it caused her to suffer psychological torture.

In his verdict, the judge, Kamasanyu, said that the company pushed the men to humiliate and disrespect the women and that is why Isiko continued to disturb Rwabwogo even after blocking his calls.

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