Uganda: Wife kill her husband over 27 million shillings

Ugandan police have arrested a housewife, Harriet Nassali, for allegedly beheading her husband, Siraje Kavuma, and dug a grave in their marriage chamber with the intention of burying him.

The lady who was trying to dig a grave in the room could only dig 3 feet deep. Realizing the complexity of her macabre act, she decided to run away from home. His terrified 13-year-old boy decided to alert the neighbours, telling what had happened and immediately called the police.

Luke Owoyesigyire, police spokesman for the Kampala Metropolitan Area, told reporters that the incident occurred over the weekend in the village of Lwesubo Buwambo. It was furthermore noted that the couple’s daughter alleged that her mother had always threatened to kill her husband whenever they had misunderstandings.

“They quarrelled over a piece of land, which caused Nassali to take a machete and cut off Kavuma’s head, killing him on the spot,” Owoyesigyire said.

One of the children also gave information about a male friend who became so close to his mother a few days before their father was murdered. The friend identified as Alex Kamusangi then led a group of investigators to Nassali’s hiding place and both were arrested.

Further investigations reveal that the deceased and his wife had already had misunderstandings following a land purchase transaction that led to their separation. Close friends have also revealed a very bitter story. In fact, the deceased had given his wife 27 million Ugandan shillings to buy a piece of land, but after investigation he discovered that his wife used this money for something else.

The deceased’s body has since been transported to the Mulago morgue for autopsy and the two suspects are held at the Mattuga Police Station. The police also assured that they would be brought to justice after the conclusion of their investigation.

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