US does not want to mention climate change in G20 statement

The United States does not want to mentioned climate change in the final declaration of the G20, the nineteen countries, and the European Union, which represent the lion’s share of the global economy. That’s what diplomats say about the G20 summit, which is being held this weekend in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

Finance ministers and major bankers from the twenty largest economies talk about the most critical challenges for the global economy. They expect modest growth worldwide for this and next year but have reservations about this.

Growth may be lower due to “continued geopolitical tensions and political uncertainty and macroeconomic risks associated with environmental sustainability.”

The latest draft text mentions the new coronavirus as a risk to the global economy, but according to sources around the G20, the United States is very reluctant when it comes to texts about climate change. “It is the final bottleneck of the final statement.”

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