US secretly supplied Patriot SAMs to Israel

US authorities intervened in the conflict between Israel and Palestine, supplying weapons to Tel Aviv, despite the statement of White House President Joe Biden. Vietnamese newspaper Soha reports this.

The American C-17 landed at the Tel Aviv metropolitan airport. The Iranian Mehrnews news agency reported that Washington appears to have established an air bridge to deliver secret weapons to Israel.

Apparently, the plane was secretly carrying a large volume of cargo – reinforcements for the Jewish army. The C-17 took off from Ramstein Air Base in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate late Thursday night and arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport Friday morning, the report said.

The military transport plane unloaded the weapons and then flew back. The weapons in question were Patriot air defense systems. Journalists point out that a large number of rockets were fired at Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense systems must work hard to intercept these rockets.

US officials have not commented on possible weapons shipments, but China has responded. Beijing is ready to provide the necessary assistance to the Gaza Strip if the investigation reveals Washington’s interference.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden spoke with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas about the need to stop strikes on Israel. He stressed that the US supports ensuring a safe and free life for the Palestinian people and also recalled that Washington has decided to provide humanitarian and economic aid to the Palestinian National Authority.

The largest escalation in the conflict between Israel and Palestine took place on the evening of May 10. The two sides began exchanging rocket attacks. As a result of the attacks on the Israeli side, 10 people were killed, and 50 were seriously injured. On the Palestinian side, 218 people were killed, including 58 children.

Yevgeniy Satanovskiy, president of the Middle East Institute research center, believes that the conflict between Israel and Palestine will not end shortly. The political scientist called what is happening “a sluggish terrorist war”.

Satanovsky added that the US blocked the UN Security Council from adopting a statement calling for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas for the third time.

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