USA: Black sentence for having a romantic relationship with a white woman

This grace was posthumously awarded to Jack Johnson, who is the first US world heavyweight boxing champion.

The case goes back to a century where this black man was imprisoned for having a romantic relationship with a white woman.

For some, instead of a pardon, Donald Trump should have apologized to Jack Johnson.

In 1912, Jack Johnson, a professional boxer, became a pride for the United States of America after winning the world heavyweight championship. However, that will not be enough eloquent to prevent him from going to prison.

He is accused of having a romantic relationship with a white American, Lucille Cameron, who will also be imprisoned. The “Mann Act”, this law passed in 1910 is the one that led Jack Johnson to prison. Anyone who transported a woman from one state to another for any immoral purpose was punished by this law.

This law, however, was not strong enough to stop the love between Jack and Lucille. They remained in love until the death of the boxer in 1946. This case is qualified by an observer “of juridico-social aberration”.

This Thursday, May 24, 2018, a century later, Jack Johnson is pardoned by US President Donald Trump. “I think Jack Johnson is a person who deserves to be pardoned, to correct a mistake in our history,” said the president of American.

A person unfairly accused does not expect a pardon but rather an apology. What many Americans would have preferred for this American boxer.

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