USA-Russia: Donald Trump’s remarks to Putin spark a huge outcry

President Donald Trump’s remarks to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin sparked a huge uproar on the US political scene.

According to the report of France24, the US president drew the wrath of Democrats and even Republicans last Monday, after his flattering remarks about Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and his refusal to recognize any Russian interference in the 2016 US elections.

During his statement, Donald Trump simply praised Putin without mentioning any criticism of Kremlin policy. Against all odds, Donald Trump had fun saying that US-Russian relations had “never been so bad”.

Asked about the question of Russian interference in the US presidential election, Donald Trump said that this information had been provided by the head of the CIA, but he had no reason to believe it.

“President Putin has been extremely firm and affirmative in his denial today,” said the US president.

Yet just days before the Helsinki summit, a US grand jury indicted 12 Russian secret service members for hacking Hillary Clinton’s computer systems as the Democratic presidential candidate of 2016.

Trump’s intervention was criticized within the Republican Party itself. John McCain, the US senator, said the summit with Putin was a “tragic mistake” because, he says, the US president “did not defend America.”

It was the same attitude for some members of the Democratic Party. Adam Schiff, a member of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, said Donald Trump had given Putin the “green light” to interfere in the mid-term elections in early November.

“Flattering dictators does not advance American interests. This is detrimental to our safety,” said former Vice President Joe Biden.

For Donald Trump, his agreement with Putin is justified: “If we want to solve many of the problems in the world, we must find ways to cooperate,” he said.

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