Very exceptional: baby born in London with coronavirus

In London, a baby was born with the coronavirus, and this is the second confirmed case in the world.

The mother was admitted to North Middlesex hospital a few days earlier with signs of pneumonia. The result of her test came only after she gave birth. Her child was also examined a few minutes later. The fear eventually came true.

Mother and baby are currently being treated in two different hospitals. The woman is worse than the child.

Doctors are now trying to find out how the baby got infected. Did that already happen in the womb or only through contact after birth? The nursing staff who came into contact with both patients must already be quarantined.

“Not a risk group”

Last month a newborn baby in China met the same fate. An eighteen-month-old boy from Hong Kong was also found to be infected after both parents tested positive for Covid-19. However, these remain very exceptional cases.

Just today it came to the news that pregnant women and children under six months of age are no longer considered at risk. And that explained the knowledge about the virus is evolving.

Daily Mail
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