Volunteers to be infected with coronavirus variant. Reward? $4,555

British scientists are looking for some volunteers to be allowed to infect them with the coronavirus as part of a clinical trial. The focus of that research? Defeat the new coronavirus, Covid-19, using an adequate vaccine.

In times when everyone seems to want to avoid contamination, in particular, it is a striking vacancy that the Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Center – a laboratory in eastern London – has published. After all, the laboratory is looking for 24 test subjects who want to be voluntarily infected with two variants of the coronavirus: 229E and OC43. These are two other human coronaviruses that cause a nose cold, among other things. In exchange, the volunteers receive 3,500 pounds, a little more than 4,500 dollars.

“Flu Camp”

Not only are the test subjects made sick, but they are also placed in quarantine for two weeks, and that happens in the so-called ‘FluCamp’. And unlike summer or youth camps, no happy memories may be made in this camp. The participants follow a strict regime, are not allowed to exercise, and there is no contact at all with the outside world.

What can the participants expect? For two weeks, they will receive regular visits from doctors, take medication, and be tested. To save time, volunteers can watch TV, read books and play games. And who knows, in the meantime, they will help develop a vaccine that will nip the new coronavirus in the bud.

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