“Voodoo Priest” seen during the arrest of Alpha Condé: Truth about the viral image

In a viral image during the arrest of Alpha Conde, after succeeding coup d’etat in Guinea, a “Voodoo Priest” was spotted among the Guineea special forces.

Yesterday, on Sundays, Guinea’s special forces succeeded in staging a coup before arresting the President of the Republic Alpha Condé, currently detained in an undisclosed location. But during the arrest of the Guinean head of state, the photo of a man disguised as a “witch doctor” was called out on social networks.

In the aftermath, people began to say that the military, in addition to weapons, has appealed to “Voodoo Priest” to neutralize Alpha Conde and his bodyguard. But this is not the case.

“Voodoo Priest” seen during the arrest of Alpha Condé: Truth about the viral image
A member of GPS, Michel Lamah

According to the National Committee for Rally and Development (CNRD), the man disguised as a witch doctor is also a soldier and is part of the special forces. “The man in the foreground is called Michel Lamah. This member of the Special Forces piloted the arrest of Alpha Condé,” revealed the CNRD. However, it was his disguise that created the confusion.

However, the military coup plotters have imposed curfews across the country “until further notice”. That was announced on Sunday evening in a statement that was read on national television.

“The curfew will go into effect from 8 p.m. across the entire territory until further notice,” the military announced. They did ask the officials to go to work on Monday.

It was the second time the coup plotters appeared on television Sunday. This time, the group of officers were dressed in uniform and beret and carried no visible weapons. In the first appearance, the military still wore combat gear and helmets.

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