What happens to you if you are alone more often

Everyone needs a place and time where he can be completely alone. Otherwise, it will turn into a faceless function that performs anyone else’s, but not its tasks. This is because being surrounded all the time makes it impossible to formulate your long-term goals. You probably know the principle according to which even the most intelligent person, even a professor, once in a crowd, instantly becomes a part of it. Perhaps you have already become a faceless part of the crowd, proudly calling itself a society.

Important questions and significant ideas arise while you’re alone

Questions appear in emptiness and silence when a person is left alone with himself. To do this, you don’t even need to concentrate; thoughts themselves begin to run in your head. At first, like a small stream, gradually turning into a turbulent river. This current carries with it, discovering new, previously unseen ideas at every turn.

The main thing here is to wait for the moment when contemplation of the river will bring pleasure, and then you will want to visit its banks more often. You will soon be able to distinguish between different layers by determining their direction and temperature at a glance. You can even manipulate these characteristics by mixing different streams. Only here, in complete solitude, can a person realize what is important for him, what he lives for, and where he goes.

Do not expect an instant result; at first, there will be only one enveloping emptiness, and to break through its elastic curtain, you will have to make an effort – to show will. Come more often so that the path is not overgrown with the weeds of everyday life.

Being alone helps in making plans for the future

The rhythm of life turns a person, like a gust of wind picking up a fallen leaf. It seemed to have recently been alive and green, hanging on a tree, no worse than the others, but now, torn off, is already hovering in an unknown direction. Unlike a leaf, a person determines his destiny and can direct the gusts of wind that carry him. This is called making plans and implementing them consistently, overcoming obstacles. Surely not all of them will come true, but it is better that way than abandoning them altogether or playing the role of a cog in someone else’s plans, which cannot always be disassembled.

A not-alone person does not hear his own voice and therefore does not make personal plans. All that remains is to choose between randomly turned-up options; one of them becomes the roadmap of life. Having reached the finish line, such a person sighs with some relief, no satisfaction; rather, finally, he has exhausted himself. Now, like a withered leaf, into a garbage bag, and on fire.

Unique artwork is created

A noisy crowd created no real work of art. In rare cases, scientific discoveries are made by a group of people, but even they are doing their part of the work on their own, only checking with the general results. The creative process can be designed or implemented in public, but it is always born in someone’s one, completely specific head. You are guaranteed to deprive yourself of even the hypothetical likelihood of creating something meaningful by giving up controlled loneliness.

Not everyone is given to become a creator, but the premature write-off of potential means almost humility, a complete and uncontested acceptance of the role of a consumer. What if you still have something in you, but you can’t get out into the wild, can’t get through? This is a crime against oneself, and if you go into philosophical reasoning, then, perhaps, a crime against the whole world. This is if your unrealized potential could create something significant within the entire civilization.

You can disconnect from everything while you’re alone

We are used to taking a break from work, maybe after an exercise or a long trip. All this is exhausting in different ways, and different rest is required; however, a rare person has the habit of at least sometimes resting from everything at all. This is possible alone, preferably in silence and darkness, without movies, games, or music in the background. Try to remember when the last time you found yourself in such conditions was?

Probably, if the light was turned off, and then, for sure, you grabbed the phone, and there is no time to rest. After all, there are so many unreviewed memes, so many important unreported comments. The brain perceives and processes all sources of information, including cultural noise generated by society, television, radio, the Internet, outdoor advertising, and anything else. You may not even notice this hard work, but sometimes your head swells; it seems to be incomprehensible from what. Almost nowhere to hide from this ubiquitous cultural noise, now you have to erect a shelter with your own hands, finding a suitable place and time.

Boredom is conquered in loneliness

A person who has fallen in love with loneliness never gets bored again, always finding interesting things to do. This superpower is available to everyone who does not dare to turn away from himself, does not prefer to be “forever young and forever drunk.”

In turn, the victory over boredom speeds up the process of self-development because now a person spends more free time on himself. This is as pleasant and important as spending the money you earned on your own, non-priority needs. Time is also yours; it is spent during the day, week, year, life. Someday it will end completely, and it will be a shame if it turns out that everything has been spent without a trace anywhere or somewhere, but not for yourself.

You find yourself when alone

We receive direct or indirect assessments from others daily. Positive, negative, neutral, or cunning – sometimes you can’t make out, but they form your own perception of yourself to one degree or another. Children often assume that they are the smartest and most beautiful because their parents say so. The situation with adults is not very different; it is just that the assessments become more diverse, based on many sources.

Meanwhile, only you can understand what kind of person you really are. What is good in you and what is bad, where are the advantages and disadvantages? For a sober assessment, you need to disconnect from the social rating system of censures and rewards, at least sometimes.

Perhaps you will find out that they praised you for some nonsense but blamed you at all unfairly. However, the opposite result is also possible, but it will be more honest and therefore useful in any case. Alone, you will find your inner peace and answer the eternal question: “What is good and what is bad.”

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