What is Wuhan known for? Interesting facts about Wuhan

The Chinese city of Wuhan became known to the whole world in early 2020, when an epidemic of a new type of coronavirus broke out in it, spreading throughout the world in just a few months.

Wuhan is a completely ordinary metropolis, typical for China and representing a powerful industrial center.

Facts about Wuhan

  • Every tenth Chinese car is produced in Wuhan factories.
  • During World War II, Wuhan was captured by Japanese troops. In 1944, he was seriously damaged by the American bombing.
  • The Communist Party has long ruled China. But in 1967, Wuhan became the center of the counter-revolutionary movement.
  • In 876, an Orthodox church appeared here. Its building has survived to this day, but it no longer functions as a church.
  • Wuhan’s area reaches 8495 square kilometers.
  • Despite such an impressive size, the population here is about 1 million people.
  • The lowest temperature ever recorded in Wuhan was -18.1 degrees.
  • Usually, even in winter, in January and February, the air temperature here is kept slightly above zero.
  • Since Lakes and swamps surround Wuhan, you can leave it by car only via the dams.
  • In the distant past, it was here that trade caravans were formed, sent along the Great Silk Road to the west.
  • Three centuries ago, Wuhan was one of the main trade centers of the Chinese Empire.
  • Located at the confluence of three rivers, the city is divided into three parts connected by bridges.
  • The Yellow Crane Tower is the oldest building in Wuhan. It was built in 223, that is, almost 1800 years ago!
  • The tallest building in Wuhan is the Wuhan Greenland Center, a high-tech and environmentally friendly skyscraper with a height of 636 meters. It has as many as 125 floors and is one of the tallest buildings in China.
  • Located in the geographical center of China, the city is called the “thoroughfare of the nine provinces” because many roads, land, railways, and rivers pass through it.
  • Of all the cities in Central China, Wuhan is the most densely populated.
  • Despite the best efforts of the authorities, traffic jams here are terrible, and every day.

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