What to do if you are feeling lonely in your marriage

Are you feeling lonely in your marriage? What can you do to solve the loneliness in your marriage? Proving steps that will help you to fix the loneliness!

Psychologists say that partners begin to feel at some distance from each other when an emotional connection between them disappears. Moreover, no one is immune from such difficulties: such a situation can arise even in the strongest and happiest relationships, where both have sincere feelings. Almost 30% of people who are married feel lonely.

Take the initiative

There is no better way to fix a problem than to take the first step towards solving it. Take the lead to share your experiences with your partner and allow them to do the same. Just one person in a relationship rarely feels loneliness: if you feel left out, chances are, your significant other does too.

Let go of past grudges

What to do if you are feeling lonely in your marriage

Psychologists are sure that nothing generates loneliness in marriage more than unforgiven pain, conflict, and insults. If you are offended, try to forgive your partner and let go of the situation. And if you hurt a loved one, talk openly with him about it and sincerely ask for forgiveness.

Don’t compare your relationship

What to do if you are feeling lonely in your marriage

Examples of “perfect” marriages abound on social media. When a person looks at vivid pictures and compares other people’s relationships with their own, he may feel lonely. For example, today is Valentine’s Day, and the couple had a great evening at the restaurant. But then the woman logs into the social network and sees how others receive vast bouquets of roses and expensive jewelry. These will automatically make her feel lonely and create an unpleasant distance within the relationship.

In order not to experience such sensations, psychologists advise spending less time on these sites. According to the study, people who spend more than 2 hours a day on social networks are two times more likely to feel alone than those who spend half an hour there every day.

Increase physical contact

What to do if you are feeling lonely in your marriage

Physical intimacy is the key to emotional feeling. By the way, this applies not only to intimacy but also to little things. For example, while watching TV together, try to sit closer to your partner, and when meeting him after work, do not neglect sudden hugs and kisses.

Don’t think for a partner

The longer people are in conjunction, the more they think they know their partner’s feelings and thoughts. However, research clearly shows that this is not the case. Being married and having a close emotional connection with each other, everyone still goes their way in life, in which anything can be: from difficulties at work to internal experiences.

Therefore, it is important not to think out for another person. Still, if his behavior causes intense anxiety and resentment, it is better to bring him to an open conversation.

Understand the source of the problem

Try to understand where this unpleasant feeling of loneliness comes from. Perhaps the real reason lies in something else, completely unrelated to the relationship. As such, instead of automatically blaming a loved one or holding back negativity within yourself, take the time to deal with the trustworthy source of the problem.

Maybe it’s the growing pressure from the authorities? Or have you not rested for a long time, and your soul and body yearned for a 2-week vacation?

Don’t shift all responsibility to your partner

Don’t expect your loved one to be your partner, best friend, lover, parent, and intellectual stimulant all rolled into one. If you shift all these roles only to your soul mate, you can always feel a little disappointed and lonely.

For this reason, instead of relying on your partner to handle these responsibilities, divide them up among friends, family, and colleagues. This method, according to psychologists, will relieve some of the stress on the relationship.

Don’t blame your loved one (or yourself)

What to do if you are feeling lonely in your marriage

Trying to make your partner blame for all your problems will not help you deal with feelings of loneliness. Blaming your loved ones for working too hard, paying little attention, or doing something else you think is wrong will lead to them being removed from you.

At the same time, diving into your sadness and anger at yourself will only make you feel worse. Instead, try to translate the communication with your significant other in a more positive direction, pay less attention to the little things, and focus on what unites you.

Spend more time together

What to do if you are feeling lonely in your marriage

If one of the partners is overcome by loneliness, do not neglect to spend time together. Yes, sometimes we are captured by the daily routine: watching TV while reading a book or looking through the Internet.

But the less time a couple spends together, the more likely they will feel at a distance from each other. To avert this from happening, think about what activity you both will enjoy. For example, find a fantastic TV show, cook something delicious, and have a movie night together.

Share your experiences

What to do if you are feeling lonely in your marriage

The fear of being vulnerable and the fear of opening up contribute to the person being lonely in the relationship. When you are close to someone, but he does not know much, it can cause distance from each other. Therefore, do not be terrified to share your innermost experiences with your partner: if he loves you, he will listen and help overcome any difficulties and doubts.

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