What to know about Dr. Sid and Simi Esiri marriage breakup

Dr. Sid and Simi Esiri married in August 2014, after many years of rumors of divorce the ball is about to enter the goal post. Here is what to know about Dr. Sid and his marriage breakup with Simi Esiri

Dr. Sid and Simi Esiri were first spotted with a daughter in 2013, together at Femi Otedola’s daughter album Otedola music showcase in October, and a few days ago, they released their daughter, even though they had problems. Both were having issues for a very long time, and It’s gotten so bad that Simi has had to leave the house for some time, a very well-placed source disclosed.

In an interview with Sunday Spice, 2016, Dr. Sid is quoted as saying, “I remember arguing two days before our wedding”. He continues that “even threatening to pull out”.

What to know about Dr. Sid and Simi Esiri marriage breakup
What to know about Dr. Sid and Simi Esiri marriage breakup

Dr. Sid revealed that their love for each other kept them going. “Right now, our marriage is on autopilot, and we are cruising because we understand each other absolutely,” he sounds.

For the moment, Simi Esiri is no longer wearing her ring. She posted a picture without the engagement ring, and they are no longer following each other on Instagram. She also deleted the wedding anniversary message she posted on Instagram in August as well as all her wedding pictures.

Dr. Sid is trying to make the marriage work, but Simi has already made up her mind, the source said. “Sid even made sure to attend the Nickolodeon festival last weekend so that he could have much time with his daughter, but Simi gave him the cold shoulder throughout.”

Dr. Sid and Simi Esiri tied the knot at Ikoyi Baptist Church, Lagos, in August 2014 with a big studded celebrity reception held at Oriental Hotels in Lekki.


Simi Esiri, the singer’s now ex-wife, has confirmed the end of their marriage. In her statement released on 26 January 2020, Simi confirmed the breakup rumor. It is revealed that they are heading towards a divorce and moving forward as co-parents.

In her statement, Simi reacted to reports that she was violent towards Dr. Sid in their marriage and that she prevented him from seeing their two daughters, Sydney and Sarah. Simi says that is not right. She added that: “I have been consciously silent on this but as some people are out to defame my character and integrity with the fabrication of the facts,” it sounds. “I am choosing to address it once and for all.”

The ex-wife of Dr. Sid insisted that “the incredibly false allegations recently written about our marriage ending due to me being domestically violent towards someone twice my size and also of me preventing him from seeing his only depicts the laughable”. “Such attempts will not be tolerated as I have stomached enough already,” she warned.

“Thank you all in advance for your love, understanding, and support while respecting our family’s privacy. I will not be commenting publicly beyond this,” She concluded.

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