What to look for when buying an electric bike

Gone are the days when electric bicycles were only popular with people over 65. Today, the e-bike is also the preferred means of transport for young commuters, sports enthusiasts and families.

As a result, the offer of the electric bicycle is almost endless. We help you choose the right bike based on your needs and your budget.

5 things to know before buying an e-bike

1. Range

The beating heart of any electric bicycle is the battery. Be sure to pay attention to its power when purchasing. If you are looking for an e-bike for short trips in your area, a cheaper battery of 300 Wh will suffice. Do you want to make longer trips or use your bike to go to work in another city? Then a battery of 500 Wh or even 750 Wh is recommended.

2. Battery quality

Most modern e-bikes have a Li-ion battery, short for lithium-ion. These batteries last longer than metal hydride batteries (NiMH) which were the standard until recently. In addition, they are lighter and smaller, making them worth their small extra cost.

Also, check whether your battery is easily removable. This is useful if you do not have charging points in your area or if you sometimes leave your bicycle in a slightly less secure environment.

3. Engine

The motor provides the figurative push in the back while pedaling. A front-wheel motor is the cheapest but also the least powerful. In addition, you have to be careful with such a model since the motor speeds into operation at the slightest force you put on your pedal. This can sometimes lead to falls for inexperienced cyclists.

What to look for when  buying an electric bike
What to look for when buying an electric bike

A rear-wheel motor is the most powerful, making the system perfect for those who often cycle in hilly environments. Keep in mind that such a model often has a more expensive price tag. A mid-engine is the golden mean in terms of price. And that’s not the only reason the drivetrain is the most popular: a motor in the middle of your bike provides the most natural cycling experience.

4. Speed limit

With an electric bicycle, you can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h. In principle, you can go a little faster, but then the pedal support will stop.

Are you looking for an electric steed that will allow you to fly forward as quickly as possible? Then consider a speed pedelec, with which you can go up to 45 km/h.

The disadvantage is that a speed pedelec has to comply with more rules. For example, you must have a driver’s license, the vehicle must be registered and carry a number plate, and you are not allowed to transport young children with it. In addition, count on double the price.

5. The feeling

You don’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive. The same goes for an electric bicycle. It is, therefore, best to try out the e-bike you have in mind to find out whether it really meets your needs. Preferably do this in front of an experienced seller, because he or she can help you set up the bicycle correctly. The correct height and position of your saddle, handlebars and pedals are crucial for optimal cycling comfort.

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