Agharti, the earth’s inner world: Where and what is known about it

Facts about the underground kingdom of Agharti, found in the earth core, hidden from the eyes of most of humanity, has been making wave since the century. How can one visit Agharti or the entrance to the kingdom? There, no division, no punishment in that kingdom.

True, those who believe in the history of the land, Akin to Shambhalla, argue that the truth about Agharti is recorded in ancient undeciphered texts, whose meaning only a few can comprehend.

Agharti – the land where the people of Atlantis went

Modern mythology is inferior to that, that occupied the thoughts of the ancient Indians, Persians, ancient Greeks and Romans. If you trace the history of the legends about Shambhala, Atlantis and the lesser-known refuge of the ancients – Agharti, Belovodye, the island of Tula – you can see a lot in common among the myths of different peoples and different eras. Does this mean that this beautiful kingdom is not fiction but echoes memories of real worlds that once existed, and maybe even now living worlds?

The history of Agharta is explained in different variations, often interspersed with theses from other theories and religions, but the essence boils down to the following. A long time ago, about sixty thousand years ago, a certain Asian ruler took his tribe underground, fleeing the invaders who came to his land.

Later, those hiding from Genghis Khan

and the American Indians who sought refuge with the arrival of the colonialists joined the underground people. The kingdom that occupied the space under the earth’s continents was called Agartha – this name is associated with the Sanskrit “inaccessible”, “invulnerable”.

The surviving inhabitants of Atlantis and Hyperborea are also refuged in Agartha, which has become the spiritual centre of the Universe. There is no division into castes and estates; no punishment is practised, the inhabitants are almost immortal – so long is their life expectancy. And besides, the people of Agharti have the highest knowledge, travel to the stars, and mystically govern humanity.

the entrance to Agharti Kingdom
Illustration of the entrance to Agharti Kingdom

Allegedly, the only people who left Agharti were the Gypsies, who were expelled from the underground country, but brought to the “upper” world the art of seeing the future with the help of fortune-telling. Sometimes people are allowed to receive a small part of the knowledge that Agharti keeps, in general, travellers who accidentally wandered there, who begin to chat about what they saw after returning to earth, according to history, cut off their tongues.

Agharti is ruled by the King of the World, who lives surrounded by his two assistants and can influence the future of humanity with them. Sometimes he goes out into the world – attending solemn services in India and Tibet. According to various versions, the gate through which the path to Agharti lies is located, either in the Himalayas, Gobi desert, or even in South America.

Who helped the Agharti myth to take its place in history

Suppose you trace the history of the myth about the kingdom of Agharti. In that case, it all comes down to one source – the work of Alexander Saint-Yves d’Alveidre, who wrote about the beautiful countryside in his book “Mission to India” in 1866. True, in 1922, during the civil war in Russia, a scientist, traveller, writer, who served for some time in the Kolchak government, A.M. Ossendovsky, discovered, either in Siberia or in Mongolia, “the smoky gates leading to the kingdom of Agartha.” He wrote about this in his book “And animals, and people, and gods.”

In addition, it is believed that the country of Agharti is also mentioned in one truly ancient text, the “Book of Dzyan”: supposedly it is “the source of the right hand”, from where the King of the World directs all the events of human history. The “source of the left hand”, according to this text, is hidden in Shambhala. True, the existence of the “Book of Dzyan” is known for the most part from the works of Helena Blavatsky, the author of works of esoteric and occult literature.

Everything that myths and legends tell about Agharti is inextricably linked with Shambhalla. These two countries seem to be the forms of great ancient people forced to hide after some great catastrophe. And if Agharti was assigned contemplation and spiritual progress, then Shambhala assumed control of the elements and the material development of humanity. Unlike the underground country of Agharti, Shambhala is located on the earth’s surface; it is allegedly hidden by the surrounding mountain ranges or is simply invisible to the uninitiated.

There is much more information about Shambhala in ancient texts; it has been mentioned since the X century, including in the context of Hindu beliefs. Shambhala is a country in which the Dalai Lama himself, the head of Tibet, is convinced, while the spiritual leader of Tibet is unaware of the land of Agharti.

Agharti is sometimes mentioned in connection with the abode of the gods from Scandinavian mythology – Asgard.

It is known that scientists, politicians and ordinary enthusiasts have made more than one attempt to discover mythical countries allegedly lost in the east. Some – like Roerich – were looking for the highest wisdom there; others – like the government of the Third Reich – sought to find traces of the ancient Aryans and their connection with the modern German people. These searches did not produce any tangible results. However, according to Buddhists, Shambhala must be sought within oneself – a source of energy, a state of union with divine power, enlightenment. Perhaps the country of Agharti carries the same meaning.

Secrets of humanity hidden in underground cities

Where do the myths that excite the minds of a modern person come from, in an era when there were no blank spots on the map of the earth and digital technologies seized power?

Agharti, the earth’s inner world: Where and what is known about it

If we turn to history, it is not difficult to find evidence that certain peoples resorted to this protection method – they went to hard-to-reach areas or underground – in a network of caves. This is how Petra, the city of the Nabateans on the territory of modern Jordan, arose, and an underground town appeared in Turkish Cappadocia, where a whole “cave country” was created under the present village of Derinkuyu about three thousand years ago, a multi-tiered city, the area of which was several square kilometres.

Rumours of peoples going into voluntary exile in the earth’s bowels, perhaps, became the reason for the emergence of the theory of a hollow planet and myths about underground cities. Back in the 17th century, the astronomer Edmund Halley proposed a version according to which the world consists of four spheres embedded in one another. There were frequent sudden disappearances of entire peoples – such stories can be found in the ethnographic material of many peoples of the world.

The very course of human development predetermined the appearance of the legend about the underground country of Agartha, when the incoming information required understanding through such myths – too much unknown was revealed to humanity in the process of cultural development. As for the scientific world, the versions of esotericists and occultists are treated here with great scepticism, considering legends about mythical countries comparable to works of fiction.

In his review of the myths that humanity keeps – the book “The History of Illusions”, Umberto Eco expressed the idea that it is precisely such mysterious lands, or instead, their search, attempts to conquer, represent the driving force that leads the world forward. In any case, it is thanks to romantic legends that expeditions to search for artefacts of antiquity become possible and are being implemented, caves and underground tunnels are being explored – for example, in Ecuador or in the Gobi Desert, where, by the way, much remains to be discovered, since they have not been studied so far.

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