While Priest is preaching, Cat is seriously lapping his milk [video]

While the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral was conducting an online church service, one of the local cats was quick to lap up the milk for his tea.

With the introduction of seclusion in the United Kingdom, the famous Canterbury Cathedral made the decision to broadcast religious services online to keep in touch with the faithful. Although the cathedral reopened on 4 July, priests continued to conduct virtual sermons.

Last week, the dean of the cathedral, Robert Wills, was robbed of the spotlight by his pet in the middle of the sermon. The young tiger, one of the local cats, climbed up on the chair beside the priest to lap up the milk for the clergyman’s tea.

The priest quips

The container being too narrow for him to put the muzzle in, the feline took advantage of the drink by dipping his paw in it and then licking it. Forced to intervene, the Reverend joked about the situation: “Sorry, we have a special guest this morning.”

While Priest is preaching, cat is seriously lapping his milk
©FaceBook/Morning Prayer

The cat, for its part, continued what it had undertaken without much discomfort. The scene begins at the 8th minute of the video:

It’s not the first time that the Canterbury Archepiscochats has made a name for themselves on social networks: at the end of May, another tomcat had invited himself to a sermon by the same Robert Willis before disappearing in the folds of his cassock.

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