Why am I always running out of time? 10 reasons

If you often wonder how to find your 25th hour in a day, then this information is for you. Why look for extra time if you’re not making the most of what you have?

It is possible to do everything in 24 hours. You need to get rid of things that are taking your time.


Your enemy number one is the phone next to you. Whatever you are doing and no matter how important your activity is, a distraction for a couple of minutes “just reply to the message” or “just look at the pop-up notification” is sacred.

And then, as usual, you remember the things that interest you and proudly retire to google. Well, you find out that a new stream has come out on YouTube, and you should see it, preferably right now.

In general, there can be a huge number of examples here, but there is only one piece of advice: try to turn off the sound on your phone when you work. Well, or turn it off altogether so as not to be tempted.


It happens that you schedule a bunch of different things for the weekend that you have accumulated during the week. And then you look at this gigantic list and realize that you don’t want to do all this (that’s why, in principle, you dumped all things for one day).

What to do in this case? Well, of course, put it off further! I’ll watch another episode – and I will take on the task. Here’s another video on Instagram, and that’s it. And so in a circle.

The more excuses you find, the less likely you will have enough time to rewrite all the important activities. Putting it off for later is a bad job.


“Blue tie or black?”, “Eat chicken or sausage?”, “Buy mayonnaise or sour cream?” Funny? But these thoughts take enough time from you. I could have done something useful instead of standing by the refrigerator with the thought, “What do I want?”.

Try to keep unnecessary actions to a minimum. Until you decide what you want, don’t go to the kitchen. Go shopping with a list that you can fill in the products you want throughout the week. Etc.

Multitasking mode

It’s good, of course, when you can manage several things at once. But it is better to direct all your efforts towards solving one. When you are torn between “making a devour,” “finishing a report,” and “answering an important call,” – you end up doing something wrong. And according to the law of meanness, you may not succeed in any of these cases.

And so it turns out: he grabbed at everything and did nothing – only wasted his energy and time.

Lack of a clear plan

A clear plan is good for everything – work

, household chores, important meetings, financial accounting. Always try to draw up a schedule where all the tasks for today will be written out. It is visual, convenient and makes it impossible for you to forget about something important.

Plus, you won’t sit clutching your head and think about where to start.

Wrong priorities

If you don’t have time to do the most important things in a day, your priorities are wrong. Or you don’t bother with it at all. But in vain.

You can spin like a squirrel in a wheel all day long, and at the end, you realize that you haven’t even started important tasks. But I managed to do a bunch of different garbage, which in principle is not important to you. And then you start asking yourself: “Well, what have I been doing for so long?”

Lack of purpose

Lack of purpose is one of the main mistakes. Don’t think you can easily fool yourself with trite phrases like “This is necessary because it is so accepted” or “This needs to be done because it will make me feel better.” If you don’t give yourself a clear justification for your actions, nothing will work. Well, other than the illusion of being busy.

If you do not have enough time for the gym, ask yourself: “Why do I need this?” Do not answer that “this is necessary because it is useful.” Try to find a stronger justification. Let’s say: “Because I want to improve my health” or “Because I want to look aesthetically pleasing, and for this, I need to work.”

With this approach, you are guaranteed to have time for important activities.


You should know where your diary is, where you put your shoebrush, and in which folder you have your work files on your laptop. It may seem unimportant, but it’s better than wasting time “damn it, well, where could I shove it?”.

Incorrect distribution of forces

I went to the store, made some food, cleaned up, and maybe there was still time for the annual report, only I didn’t have the strength. As a result, precious time is spent on your rest, and thus you do not have time.

Try to distribute your forces correctly. For example, if you get very tired after cleaning, break this process into two days to have time to do something else useful. As a result, you will save both strength and time.

Poor self-discipline

This was exactly the moment when you decided to take a walk with friends, or relax in a bar, or lie on the couch with an open tab at work, but at the same time stick to Instagram. In general, you do everything except what you need while convincing yourself that you will be in time for everything. But you don’t have time.

So take your discipline and take this matter seriously. First – business, then – entertainment and rest. Not the other way around!

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