Why am I confused about my feelings? Here are what to do

Sooner or later, we all face a complete misunderstanding of who we are, what emotions we feel, and what we should do. When you realize that you are having difficulty making decisions, and every step you take seems wrong to you and causes you to experience severe anxiety and stress, know that you are just confused about yourself.

You must understand that it is important not to do stupid things that can greatly ruin your life in the future in such a situation. Being in complete disorientation, you can hardly think logically and prioritize correctly. Also, you should not let everything take its course – relieve yourself of responsibility for your actions or do nothing at all.

We have put together a few ways that can help you understand yourself and stop making mistakes. Use at least a few of them to clear up the situation gradually.

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What to do when you are confused

What to do when you are confused
What to do when you are confused

1. Give yourself time to recover

Don’t take any serious steps if you find yourself confused and having difficulty identifying what you’re feeling. Remember: in this state, you should not make important choices, take risks, take on additional responsibility, or do things that you are not completely sure are necessary. It is better to give yourself a little time to recover – so you can avoid rash actions that will bring only chaos into your life.

Ideally, if you take a break from everything – temporarily reduce communication with other people, even family, and friends, push work into the background, and just give yourself at least a few days to withdraw into yourself and think about your life. By the way, this is an important practice that would not hurt to repeat constantly. So you will reduce the risk of losing your internal guidelines and avoid confusion in thoughts and feelings. To get the latest stories, install our app here

2. Get rid of the need to listen to other people’s opinions

As is usually the case, when you feel confused and don’t know what to do with your life, you decide to seek advice from those around you. But this is a big mistake – if you yourself do not understand what you want and what you feel, then other people will not be able to tell you about it. Instead of getting at least some clarity, you will wallow in doubts even more because other people’s advice will be very different from each other.

Don’t ask people for their opinion – they’ve never been in your position, which means they can hardly be objective. Each of them tells you what he himself would do if he got into a similar life situation. The value of such advice tends to zero – you will just waste your time trying to get at least something useful from what you heard.

3. Don’t try to please everyone

Analyze your behavior, thoughts, and feelings: you must understand where you end, and your desire to please others begins. Unfortunately, some part of your actions will not aim to improve your life but to obtain approval and admiration. If you put too much effort into it, you are bound to be disappointed.

You will never be able to please everyone – no matter how hard you try to adjust your behavior to some standards, there will always be people whom you will annoy just like that, for no apparent reason. And when the usual scheme ceases to satisfy your expectations, you will finally return to reality and think about how much in your life has been done not for you but for others. To get the latest stories, install our app here

4. Stop clinging to your past

You need to be able to let go of your past, if only in order to move forward without a load of problems, resentments, and unnecessary worries. You will not understand what to do, and you will continue to get confused in your feelings until you start looking into the future.

Yes, you will certainly have regrets when you have to give up your old version, part with people who once played an important role in your life, change a well-known profession for something new. But do not attach great importance to them – they should not become a hindrance. Remember that change is always for the better.

5. Don’t let yourself depend on other people

Another important point, which for some reason few people think about. Analyze how your relationships with loved ones are built. Do you feel calm and confident, or do you constantly worry about whether you are doing the right thing or speaking in front of them and are afraid of losing them?

If you allow yourself to depend on others, you are making a big mistake. You voluntarily fall under their influence, letting their needs and desires dictate your words and actions. Over time, it is no wonder that you lose yourself, start to get confused in your feelings, and do not understand what to do with your life.

If you want to solve this problem, stop shaking because of the mere thought that you might lose someone. People who love and appreciate you are unlikely to refuse to communicate with you, even if you do something stupid.

6. Don’t try to control everything

Don’t try to control everything
Don’t try to control everything

In this state, you better shift your focus to yourself. Instead of trying to control what happens in your life, start to analyze your thoughts, words, and actions. Remember: the only thing that enters your zone of influence is your reactions to external stimuli.

You spend too much time, effort, and other resources trying to control everything around you. Just allow everything that you cannot prevent to happen – spare yourself from meaningless actions. With the same emotional costs, you can work out your attitude to the problem, understand the cause-and-effect relationships, and build a new plan of action.

7. Stop solving other people’s problems

If you feel confused about yourself and your actions, stop solving other people’s problems. Put yourself, your needs, and experiences in the first place, those around you will perfectly cope with their lives on their own or, in extreme cases, will find new helpers for themselves. You have to focus on yourself: understand what is bothering you, where your emotions come from, how to direct them in a constructive direction. To get the latest stories, install our app here

By solving other people’s problems, you can stop noticing your own. But they will not disappear anywhere and will continue to spoil your life. As soon as you start paying more attention to yourself, the situation will improve.

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