Why do people prefer to live fake life on social media?

Before social networks, people tried to impress each other, but it was more difficult because you could easily be exposed before that. Today, when we are subscribed to hundreds of people we will never meet in reality in our lives, it is difficult to determine where the truth is and where the lie is.

This is used by many, making themselves completely different people who do not correspond to their reality. But why are social media so fake? There are several reasons for this.

People want to create a unique image of themselves

Why are people on social media fake?

One of the main advantages of social media is the opportunity to create an image that you have always dreamed of. It’s like a Sims game where you create a character and control it by associating yourself with it. You can embellish your virtues and lie about something that is not peculiar to you while ignoring the shortcomings, and that’s it; you are already an ideal person whom everyone admires. Few people admit that they are cowardly or weak because you can throw dust in their eyes and earn likes. To get the latest stories, install our app here

The problem of social networks is precisely this, in complete control over your image and freedom of action. This is their natural property, and nothing can be done about it.

People have time to prepare the perfect answer

Another reason social media is fake is the opportunity to prepare the perfect answer. You won’t see an instant reaction of a person; he won’t be able to say something that would discredit him, at least if he has at least a little brain.

Because of this, the conversation turns into something politically correct, a kind of forum where politicians gather and try not to offend each other and give out as many compliments as possible for the sake of profit. Communication becomes a template because people have time to respond, and they can choose the most appropriate words and emotions without leaving the image.

Most of all, social media are valued by materialists

We do not belittle materialists; this view is justified in most cases. The problem is that social media are very fond of superficial materialists, who stand out the brightest of the users.

Because of them, it seems to us that social media are thoroughly saturated with falsehood. It’s about their view of life, or rather, what dominates it – money and status. They evaluate the success and viability of life only with things and services, not knowledge.

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As a result, it turns out that you scroll through posts that social networks have found interesting, and you stumble all over the “successful success,” where every frame, every comment feels fake. And somewhere out there, in the backyard, there are really valuable posts with the truth of life, which no one needs against the background of bright signs.

It indulges the modern way of life

Why are people on social media fake?

The main slogan of this time sounds like “be successful, or at least seem to be.” Many people are exposed to this influence spread by the media around the world, and they inevitably dive deeper into this topic, trying to match trends. Few people want to become “outdated,” look less presentable than the rest, and they join the global game, in which the one who looks like he has achieved maximum success wins.

Perhaps you don’t notice, but you, like all of us, at least in some ways, also follow these trends, gradually allowing the propaganda of the consumer society to load your brain. And this is normal in the sense that it is extremely difficult to resist this when phrases about “successful success” and about who exactly you need to be fly from every blog. And if you can’t be them, you have to seem, which leads to an increase in the volume of fake life in social networks. To get the latest stories, install our app here

Since it is more difficult to notice fake life in social networks than in reality, these volumes already exceed all adequate limits.

Everyone has to comply with the rules and the agenda

Why are people on social media fake?

When they talk about freedom in social networks, at least in foreign ones, this is only partially true. Yes, you can post any content you like, but it is highly likely to be banned, and the account will be frozen for insulting someone’s feelings.

Therefore, most users who know this are playing a game where you need to balance skillfully and not get banned. And there is only one way to do this — to make refined content as bland and monotonous to be as neutral as possible. This adds even more fake life because the images created in social media are mostly artificial, and content is also added to this as a template. To get the latest stories, install our app here

Another reason why most users create similar images and content is monetization. Few advertisers will want to advertise their products and services on an account with original but questionable content. Therefore, people prefer to do everything under a carbon copy to not risk monetization, even if it is expected in the future.

They don’t have real emotions

As we said above in the paragraph about the time to prepare the answer, the user can choose how and when to communicate with other people. The same goes for emotions. In real life, it’s easy enough to see fake emotions by overplaying or underplaying, especially if you catch a person off guard. But such a tool is not available on social networks. All the emotions you see there are multiple exaggerations, similar to old theatrical productions, where the purpose of the actors is to clearly convey to the audience the feelings experienced by the characters.

Most of the emotions in social networks are as refined as the content. They are licked, brought into the most accessible and commendable, or, as in the case of black PR, the public’s disapproval. Therefore, when you see admiration for something in social media, you don’t believe it because a person has repeatedly shown the same emotions for completely empty things before.

People don’t have as interesting a life as they would like

Many people want not only to show success but also to demonstrate how interesting their life is. These beautiful pictures from travel and entertainment are often created only to close the spiritual emptiness and show that their life is full of impressive events and they have no time for boredom. To get the latest stories, install our app here

It’s especially funny to watch such posts by people you personally know and know what kind of life they really have. Knowing this, you begin to understand that at least part of all other posts was created by exactly the same boring people with a dull life trying to prove to others who do not know them in the real world that their existence is full of fascinating stories.

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