Time to unfollow your partner from social media

Social media has many positives, most notably the fact that it can help communicate between two people. Especially when these two people are in a relationship, and for example, they both work long hours or are not constantly together for various reasons.

So we keep in mind the fact that in a relationship, social media can help in communication. We all know very well, however, that one of the main reasons for separation in many couples is social media. Yes, exactly what we said a while ago helps in communication. Where do the scales end up?

In addition to the communication capabilities offered by social media, Instagram or Facebook, the game of online flirting has also been launched. So everyone can quickly meet someone wholly unknown and go out with him—something that did not happen in previous years and has affected the viability of relationships today.

Of course, not every one wants to flirt on social media. Many couples get to the point of fighting fiercely for a comment or a like made on social media, without this meaning anything more than what it seems. A simple comment or a simple like.
For this reason, many dating experts claim that it might be better for one partner not to follow the other on social media. “If you choose not to follow your partner on social media, you have to explain to him why and he understands that it is essential. If you are having a good time together, maybe everyone needs their space when you are not. And this is something that also applies to social media”.

It is essential to build a relationship of trust and honesty so that both parties understand the purpose of such a move. Please do not do it suddenly, without explanation, because then it may have the opposite effect. But if both partners discuss it and end up pressing unfollow together on Instagram or Facebook, this may have beneficial effects on their relationship.

It may seem not very easy, but several couples abroad who tried it commented that it helped them have a healthier relationship. In particular, couples who lived together and spent many hours of the day in the same place claimed that it helped them find a little ‘their’, leaving aside the ‘we’ for as long as they were on social media.

Something like a mini escape from the relationship made them want it even more, every time they logged out of their Instagram or Facebook account.

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