4 social media mistakes that could cost you your job

If you’re reading this, you probably know that it’s better not to post-party photos and inappropriate comments on social media in many industries. But that’s not the only social media mistake that can cost you the job.

Social media mistakes that cost you your job

Of course, these mistakes are not equally bad in every company. For example, in the media world at a young start-up, it makes a minor difference that you have posted a party photo, but mistake number 1 could ensure that you are not invited for an interview.

So it’s good to keep thinking for yourself about what you do or don’t post online. Think not only of the now but also of later. An excellent rule of thumb? When it doubts, don’t post it.

You can’t be found online

This mistake surprised us, but nearly half of the HR executives surveyed in the survey said they wouldn’t hire a candidate who doesn’t have an online presence.

That’s because 28 percent of them collect information for the job interview in this way. One in five also indicates that they expect online visibility during this time.

You post during working hours

The survey asked why HR managers didn’t invite candidates after looking at their social media channels. Many of these reasons are not surprising:

  • 40 percent of the cases involved inappropriate photos
  • 36 percent indicated that it involved alcohol or drug use
  • 31 percent felt aggressive, indecent, and discriminatory responses.

But the big surprise is that 12 percent of those surveyed have sometimes stopped working with a candidate because he or she posted too much on social media. This mainly concerned posts during working hours. This gives you the feeling that you are not doing much else.

You don’t think about your brand

And before you say it: yes, you have. Everyone visible online has a personal brand. Have you ever wondered how you come across to the rest of the world? And is this the same on all platforms?

You can present yourself professionally on LinkedIn; if your Instagram and TikTok tell a different story, an employer will not fall for it.

You make a lot of spelling mistakes

If you make many spelling and grammar mistakes, it doesn’t come across as very professional. A report shows that for 48 percent of recruiters, these kinds of errors negatively influence their decision to invite you. So always double-check that post!

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