Why men love women older than them

The “ideal” age difference in a couple is eleven years, according to a study carried out over four years on 3000 couples.

If we have long observed a specific appetite of men for younger women (no?), The study is, however, valid in both directions. From the tabloids to “real life,” we can see men also like women older than them. And we’ll explain why.

The reasons are

1. They Are Uninhibited

Finished (sometimes) the midinette who asks: “Do you love me?”. Women 40 and older have better control over their emotions. They are more stable, less demanding, less jealous.

They no longer focus on the small bead or the gram of cellulite hidden behind the buttock. They have learned to love their body (40 years is a long time to live together) and assume it fully.

2. They are more experienced

The woman of 40 years and over knows how to arouse the sexual desire of a (young) man. Aware of her flaws, she knows her body by the heart. She does not wait for her partner, like a caver, to finally find, after two good hours of groping, the path to ecstasy.

The so-called “mature” woman takes the lead and shares her experience with others over the years (she is generous).

3. They rid of the desire for motherhood

The potential need to start a family and have children is in principle already met. She is no longer looking for the ideal partner who will make a good husband and a good father, but a man, that’s all.

4. They trust themselves

Mature women are often professionally in full possession of their skills. They are also generally more cultivated because of their age than their younger siblings (no, don’t shout!).

Freed from their family obligations, they appreciate the good times spent together while respecting others’ need for freedom.

Finally, freed from their complexes, older women have freed themselves from the gaze of men. Suddenly, they are stronger and, therefore, more beautiful.

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