Why sometimes our eyelid starts to quiver

Sometime, inevitably and without being able to control anything, our eyelid starts to quiver. If this is not seen much and it does not last too long, it is quite embarrassing and disturbing.

We wondered for a long time where the little flutter of the eye was coming and we finally got the answer.

Rest assured, it’s not alarming at all. But that does have a name.

In fact, it is benign fasciculation syndrome. It is also called myokymia and it is explained by many facts.

This is why they affect everyone, regardless of the age of the person, sex or health.

This muscle contraction that we can not control, it is often due to stress and fatigue.

Frederic Mouriaux, ophthalmologist doctor explains: “It is the body that says to pay attention”.

These palpitations are also due to the consumption of alcohol and tobacco: “It testifies to a hyperexcitability of the nerve fiber” added Philipe Damier.

This tremor is therefore benign. Do not worry, except if it really persists. How to cure it? There is not really a miracle solution.

On the other hand, it is enough to find a new daily rhythm which is not exhausting or harmful for the health in order to reduce these tremors.

Eating more healthily and resting to the fullest are the main solutions.

Avoiding screens before sleep can also help avoid fasciculation syndrome: “Making a stressful video game or staying on your laptop before falling asleep prevents the body from relaxing, from resting, but the screens are not a direct cause.” explains Frederic Mouriaux.

It also happens that doing a magnesium cure can do good. This is why some ophthalmologists prescribe.

Cases are more rare, but eyelid tremors can be pathological. This may be due to facial paralysis or Tourette’s syndrome but these are diseases that are diagnosed well before these palpitations to the eyelid.

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