Why was Tesla obsessed with the pyramids?

Inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla had a very strong interest in the archaeological wonders of Egypt.

Few have contributed more to the widespread adoption of electricity in the modern world than Tesla, a man whose accomplishments range from pioneering the use of alternating current to conducting experiments aimed at transmitting electricity wirelessly through the air.

In 1905, he submitted a patent called “the art of transmitt ing electrical energy through the natural environment” based on his belief that the Earth itself was a gigantic electrical generator that could be used to provide an almost unlimited amount of electricity.

Among his key inspirations were the pyramids of Giza, something that Tesla found endlessly fascinating. He considered these ancient structures to be gigantic energy transmitters in their own right, and drew attention to them when he drew up his own designs.

His wireless test facilities, such as the Tesla Experiment Station in Colorado Springs and the Wardenclyffe Tower on the East Coast, were reportedly inspired by the layout of the pyramids.

Tesla has also shown an obsession with the numbers 3, 6, and 9 to the point where he reportedly circled the building 3 times before entering and only stayed at hotels with multiples of 3. He would also make many of his day-to-day decisions based on those same principles.

Now many researchers support his theory that the pyramids are energy transmitters. However, it remains unclear whether Tesla’s true beliefs in this regard will ever be proven.

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