Wife cries out after husband dump her due to miscarriages

A young lady had cried out for help after her husband, whom she helped when he was jobless, brought in another lady because of her miscarriages.

The young lady who sorted for advice on her unbearable situation narrated her ugly story on social media. She started her explanations on how she marries her husband after being graduated from university. “I married my husband as a young lady & fresh graduate from school with (upper division). I got a good job, and while my husband had a little job, he was managing.

She continues, “God answered our prayer & my hubby later secured a well-paid job, and he begged me to resign cause I had five miscarriages, and he asked me not to work anymore since his new job could cater to us.”

“People, to be honest during these years of miscarriages, my husband was very supportive. But at a point, I begged that I go back to work so as not to die of depression, but he insisted I stay at home and focus on trying to conceive.”

“After 12 years, this man brought in a pregnant woman (just like that)… And when I confronted my husband, this lady said I should allow someone else to come and help me do what I couldn’t (before my husband & he said nothing).”

“The one that hurt me the most is she said to me that I was selfish and that if they leave all these properties for me, can I finish it.”

“All his family is in support of this, and my husband changed overnight. I don’t even know where to start from, and I didn’t see this coming. I was accused of trying to harm the baby and was thrown out like a leper.”

My question is, where was this lady when my husband and I started? Where was she when we were jumping bike to church and weddings? Where was she when I would break my save to sustain us? And now his family said he needs an heir, asking me who my husband is acquiring all these properties for?”

“It’s not like I was wild growing up, I was decent and married my husband a virgin… why have LIFE chosen to punish me?”

“Pls what should I do, where do I go from here? Am just confused,” she concludes.

Wife cries out after husband dump her due to miscarriages
Wife cries out after husband dump her due to miscarriages

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