Woman expelled, after the homeless man she tried to help turns against her

A Colorado grandmother ended up in a nightmare after she tried to help a homeless man. She told him to sleep in a camper in her garden, but when she caught him trying to break into her house, he turned against her. He even managed to get her out of her own home.

Sheryl Lopez-Tobin told her story at the American news channel FOX31 Denver KDVR. She met Brian Durst last month when her car broke and him the mechanic repaired it. They got talking and Durst told the woman that he was homeless and could not go anywhere. Not knowing that the man was wanted and had already been convicted of theft and fraud in the past, she offered to spend a few days in a camper in her garden. So that he could come back to his positives. But the first night it went wrong.

According to Lopez-Tobin, Durst tried to break into her home through the dog door. When she confronted him and asked to leave, he picked up a weapon and threatened her family. “He told me that people are constantly disappearing and that he could also make us disappear and that he won’t go anywhere”, the woman told in tears to FOX31 Denver KDVR. The family called the police and he arrested the man but it got worse.

According to the grandmother, Durst paid the guarantor to be released for the time being and then went to court to request a ban on the family. He claimed that he rented the house of Lopez-Tobin and showed a contract with the signature of her daughter on it, a document that, according to the grandmother, is false. He said she had cancelled the rent and struck him in the face.

Because he had given up the house as his place of residence and he said that he was in danger of life, the court immediately granted the man a temporary ban on coping. According to lawyer Phil Harding, a threat of life-threatening is the only thing a judge needs for this. “Within 14 days there must be a hearing to decide on a permanent access ban”, according to the lawyer. “And then both parties can provide evidence.”

The result was that the police were suddenly at the door at Lopez-Tobin and summoned her. She had to leave the house immediately. “My grandchildren were sleeping, but the police gave us 15 minutes to leave,” said the woman. “I just want to go home again. I want my children to be able to go home again.”

Lopez-Tobin and her family now have to stay 90 meters away from Durst and 45 meters from their home. In response, the woman also applied for a prohibition of custody against the homeless man. And that is why he cannot enter the house anymore, until the hearing is finished later this month. “He is a criminal,” according to Lopez-Tobin. “He’s a felon. He’s going to rob us blind. I’m just scared to death.”

Source: FOX31 Denver KDVR, Daily Mail

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