Woman stuck with her head after she wants to peek at the neighbors

A curious Colombian woman spent hours with her head stuck between the bars of a gate after she tried to sneak into her neighbor’s House. The fire department finally managed to free the woman from her precarious position.

When the images are made exactly, it is not clear, but the news is spreading like wildfire around the world since Colombian media reported about it ten days ago.

The woman of about 50 years old from the municipality of La Virginia allegedly wanted to chat with the neighbors. To make sure they were at home via the iron bars of burglar proof, she stuck her head through the bars. There, however, she got stuck hopelessly.

Woman stuck with her head after she wants to peek at the neighbors.

Because the others around her could not free her, the emergency services were called in. The nosy neighbor would have been locked up for five hours before she was released. The pictures show how they try to move the door back and forth to get the woman loose. A man watching cannot suppress his smile.

Radio La Roca, La Voz de la Frontera
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