Woman torturing her baby to blackmail her ex-partner [Video]

In Peru, Victoria Ramos Gamarra, mother, filmed how she was torturing and abusing her nine-month-old baby. What could be the cause? An innocent baby who is not guilty of any crime and was not there when the whole scenario transpired, now receiving brutal punishment in other to blackmail someone.

Day by day infinity of cases expose the critical situation in which we find ourselves as a society, because the indifference to certain acts that in the area of normality would demand a minimum of empathy. People were left without words after the bizarre act; An example of this is what was experienced in Peru recently.

The above incident evolved after it was announced in different media, that Victoria Ramos Gamarra tried to kill her nine-month-old baby by torturing him, is in the San Sebastian Police Station, Cusco.

The actor is Victoria Ramos Gamarra nineteen years old, the mother, who had a strange and heartless pastime, because she was filming while torturing and mistreating an innocent child, causing the baby some back injuries from the blows he received, as well as putting the head of the baby in a bucket of water. The purpose of doing so was to send the videos to his ex-partner and father of his daughter.

According to the local media, this was a way in which Victoria Ramos Gamarra thought was best to return the odd favour to her ex-partner, because the threats were clear. So far, it is known that she faces charges for domestic violence, and the prosecutor of the entity is asking for nine months of preventive detention in which the corresponding investigations are carried out.

Undoubtedly, a terrible case that serves as a taster of excessive violence that shakes the world daily, because having the ability to record a footage while torturing and committing a brutal act, is simply terrifying, so Victoria Ramos Gamarra is expected to pay the damage whatever it has caused the minor.

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