World Cup 2018: Neymar very upset insult Thiago Silva

In Brazil’s tough victory against Costa Rica in their second World Cup match (2-0), Neymar, who scored the second goal, made his debut on the pitch.

The captain of the club Selecao evoked a small quarrel with Neymar who did not appreciate that his defender returns the ball to the Costa Ricans after an in-between while Neymar felt to have been the victim of a fault.

Indeed, Neymar the star of Paris Saint-Germain was guilty of insults against Thiago Silva, his teammate in selection and PSG, following a penalty not whistled on him, and after the Brazilian defender returned the ball to the Costa Ricans.

Returning to the sad incident, Thiago Silva argues:

“Neymar gave everything today, he deserved to score at the end of the match. I think he will be even more liberated for the third match. He is like a little brother to me. And I try to take care of him, give him advice. Today (Friday), I was saddened by his behavior. By the time I returned the ball, he insulted me. But I think I was right, because they were trying to save time. I returned the ball because it was not this ball that was going to win us. I’m serene about it and I was sad about his behavior towards me,” said Silva, without castigating his team mate in the club and selection.

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