World’s first supersonic drone tears the air at speed of 2,593 km/hr

The Kelley Aerospace company has proposed the world’s first supersonic unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The sleek drone flies many times faster than sound. The ‘Arrow’ only needs five minutes for a trip from Lagos to Accra.

The statistics of this drone are impressive. The device can reach 2,593 km per hour and has a range of up to 4,800 kilometres. The take-off weight would be about 16 tons, which is half the weight of an F-35 fighter plane.

“The Arrow has been developed to complement regular fighter jets operated by pilots and is considered a powerful reinforcement in the air,” said a brochure from the Singapore company. The aircraft can be controlled remotely, but can also fly entirely autonomously, The Telegraph emphases.

The Arrow can attack enemy aircraft
©Kelley Aerospace – The Arrow can attack enemy aircraft

According to Kelley Aerospace, the futuristic Arrow is designed for missions “in conflict zones” and guides other planes as bait for missiles to attack enemy aircraft or block enemy communications. The first test flights would take place this year.

Kelley Aerospace, which is also developing a supersonic corporate jet, has stated that it has already received more than 100 pre-orders for its latest product, which was officially launched last week with a price tag of between € 7.5 million and € 13.5 million – depending on the equipment.

So the Arrow is not only super-fast, but also super expensive.

World’s first supersonic drone tears the air at speed of 2,593 km/hr
©Kelley Aerospace – The Arrow

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