Worldwide wine production decreased by 10 percent this year

The worldwide production of wine has decreased by 10 percent this year. This is due to the less favorable weather conditions, especially in the three central production countries Italy, Spain, and France. All this appears from an estimate by the International Organization of Winegrowing and Winemaking (OIV).

The OIV estimates that this year’s wine production will be between 258.3 and 267.4 million hectoliters, while the winemakers made 294 million hectoliters last year.

However, last year was very exceptional, which means that production is now back at the average level in recent years. The estimate is based on data from 28 countries and 85 percent of production.

In Europe, the volume is 15 percent lower this year: 156 million hectoliters compared to 182.7 million hectoliters in 2018.

Of the major wine countries, Spain was hit the hardest: production fell by 24 percent to 34.3 million hectoliters.

Italy fell by 15 percent and remains the most important wine-producing country in the world with 46.6 million hectoliters.

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