Worst robber ever? Clumsy thief drops gun and nearly loses his trouser

Although the owner of a store in e-cigarettes cannot laugh about someone trying to rob his store on Sunday, he could not stop laughing when he looked at the images.

“No matter how serious an attempt at theft is, this failed robbery was really funny,” chuckles Chris Burgess said, even though we cannot blame him.

On the surveillance images of the shop in Aurora, Colorado, you can see how the foolish thief goes all the way. When the man pulls out his gun (later it turned out to be a BB-Gun, ed.), He clenches so hard that the thing flies right over the counter. The employee reacts quickly and takes it off. The bewildered man tries to repair his mistake but decides to flee anyway, on his way out he also almost loses his trouser.

“I could not help but laugh,” says manager Chris Burgess, who, however, wants nothing to do with the seriousness of the situation.

“That robber would probably never have done this, but hopefully it was his first and last time”.

During the failed robbery, the suspect wore gloves, but on the polishing gun, other fingerprints were found next to the fingerprints of the employee. The police think that the perpetrator can be knocked quickly.

Source: AlexRoseNews

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