Writers from ‘Saw’ are working on a new ‘Final Destination’ film

The iconic production house New Line will soon launch a brand new ‘Final Destination’ film. And none other than Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, the writers of the ‘Saw’ franchise are working on the scenario.

In 2000, New Line got to know the world a completely new horror concept. In ‘Final Destination’ teen Alex suddenly gets a vision when he and his classmates get on a plane: in the vision the plane crashes and everyone dies on board. Alex gets together with some friends at the last minute of the plane and a little later his vision becomes reality: the plane crashes and nobody survives. Alex and his friends seem to have escaped death, but death continues to haunt them from now on until no-one is left.

‘Final Destination’ turned out to be a real success and raked no less than 112 million dollars with a limited budget of 23 million dollars. There were four more films followed and in the meantime the counter stands at 700 million dollars.

The sixth film would be a reboot, with the previous five films completely ignored.

Production house New Line is not ready for its test piece. In the 80s the company wrote horror history with the legendary ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ and also ‘The Conjuring’ films and ‘Annabelle’ were made by New Line. In September they also release ‘It: Chapter Two’ to the world.

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