Wuhan laboratory firmly refutes allegations: “not even a mosquito can enter here”

The Virology Laboratory in Wuhan firmly denies that there is anything wrong with the safety procedures. “Without authorization, no mosquito can even enter the lab,” said Yuan Zhiming, head of the National Biosafety Laboratory on Chinese television. US President Donald Trump, among others, made it clear that the coronavirus was sent into the world through the lab.

The P4 laboratory in Wuhan conducts research into dangerous virus particles. In the Chinese city, the corona pandemic broke out late last year, leading to theories that the lab would be responsible for the outbreak.

But director Zhiming contradicted those allegations. “None of our employees can even take a piece of paper or a drop of water outside,” it said.

“Anyone who claims that our people brought animals out of the lab or that the animals themselves could escape, knows nothing about our operation. We are an open and transparent lab, not a secret black box. I am confident that the rumors will gradually disappear.”

According to most theories, the bat virus probably passed on to humans via a pangolin. The first infections probably took place in a market in Wuhan, where live animals were traded.

Since then, according to official figures worldwide, more than twelve million people have already contracted a corona infection. More than half a million people died.

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