Yves Rausch ‘Rambo of the Black Forest’ who outsmarts 1,500 troops

He seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. For more than three days, 1,500 troops have been trying to track down the ‘Rambo of the Black Forest’, but without success. “Yves Rausch (31) knows the area like the back of his hand. The forest is his living room,” said Reinhard Renter of the Offenburg police.

The German forest around Oppenau, 50 north of Freiburg, is 8.6 square kilometers in size. The terrain in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg is scrupulously combed out by hundreds of troops in search of the ‘Rambo of the black forest’. After all, investigators assume that Rausch is still around after he disarmed four police officers and took off on Sunday.

Yves Rausch, ‘Rambo of the Black Forest’ who outsmarts 1,500 troops

“We have the know-how, the technology, and sufficient manpower, but it will probably be a long search,” Renter said, according to news site Bild. Both agents and special commandos will have to overcome large differences in altitude with heavy backpacks.

“The terrain is very rough.” They are supported by search dogs and helicopters equipped with heat cameras. But Yves Rausch remains without a trace for the time being.

The chief of police also talked about the disarmament of the four officers, which had caused the team a lot of ridicule and mockery. He stood up for his officers and said that they had “done everything right”.

On Sunday, the officers found the ‘Rambo of the Black Forest’ in a cabin on the edge of the forest after being alerted by a local resident. The man sat at a table and cooperated well at first. He handed over his bow and arrow and cartridge holder. But then the mood changed. When a cop wanted to search him outside, Yves suddenly pointed a gun at him. “I took into account that he would shoot and that I would die in this cabin,” the policeman involved said later.

The officers then put their weapons on the ground and withdrew. The ‘Rambo of the Black Forest’ then picked up the weapons and managed to escape. “This is a serious crime. This could put him in prison for five to ten years,” said Attorney Herwig Schäfer.

The fugitive man has a fascination with weapons and is no stranger to the court. However, he was banned from using weapons when he shot his ex-girlfriend with a crossbow in 2010. She was seriously injured.

Yves Rausch, ‘Rambo of the Black Forest’ who outsmarts 1,500 troops
Yves Rausch

Yves Rausch was then tried under juvenile law and was released after a short prison sentence. It is difficult for the police services to assess how dangerous he really is and how mentally he is. But the man already has enough knowledge of the terrain to stay one step ahead of the police.

Bild, Focus
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