Zimbabwe: An adulteress and her lover locked up all night by neighbours

The neighbours of a man named Godfrey Makeche Ncube, living in the suburbs of Chinotimba, Zimbabwe, teamed up to trap Tafireyi Zimba who slept with his wife, Cynthia Ngwenya.

The neighbours who included the Ncube brothers kept the house secure with a padlock all night to make sure the lovebirds would not escape, reports iHarare

The lovebirds were not released until the next morning when they were taken to the police station.

Ngwenya and Zimba, who is a security guard at Masimba Construction, have been accused of having an extramarital sexual relationship while Ncube worked for a few months at a shop in the suburbs of Chinotimba, regardless of whether she has a six months old baby.

Ncube declined to give details on the question, “for me it’s now in the past and talking about it will just rekindle the pain. I can not talk about it and you can not write too because you were not there. We went to the police and they told me not to talk about the issue,” he told reporters.

The officer in command of Victoria Falls District Superintendent of the District, Tadeus Madondo, confirmed the incident, but said no criminal report was filed.

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